The secrets of Menstrual Cycle



“There are no words to explain the enchantment of the intuition hidden inside of a woman’s womb that springs from every pore of her skin, every look of her eyes, every word of her lips…
There are no words to explain the sacred power that rises from the “vulnerability” of a woman’s Heart when she sits on her “throne” accepting even the darkest part of her self..
There are no words to describe the beauty, hidden in the sense of a woman’s nature based on a cycle of 28 unique and unrepeatable days!”



Naturally a woman’s cycle hides four different stages, where the woman feels completely different in each and one of them. In a few words during almost a month a woman has four different selves that we could call archetypes.
Four archetypes of four different Goddesses: Goddess Artemis, Aphrodite, Hecate and Gaia

Unfortunately the woman of today has totally lost this sacred connection with her body and psyche.

Instead of being a “natural” woman living according her nature she has become a “normal” woman who lives according the “normas” (rules of the society, family, etc)



The Menstrual Cycle workshop

The Menstural Cycle is a series of workshops, only for women that focuses on helping women to reconnect with their inner Divine, discover the different parts of their menstrual cycle and jump out of the conditionings that the society, religion and family created in them.


It can be experienced as a one day workshop that has a limited access to our inner world, or 4 different workshops where we will have the time to deepen in ourselves and create a better inner transformation.


The way a woman behaves depends a lot on the moment of her menstrual cycle. She can be a totally different person in the moment of her menstruation, the following week, in the moment of the ovulation and before the next menstruation.


Many women do not have the above information and it is difficult for them and for the people that surrounds them to adapt in their diversity of moods.


Before the Patriarchy

Thousand years ago, when women were living in a complete freedom and had a strong connection with their female nature, they were deeply connected with their soul and body living always with love, pleasure, compassion and happiness.
Women used to talk with the wind, the earth, the fire and water by using their magestic power of Intuition and could maintain a life on this earth in harmony, balance and health.

Their body had more value than an altar or a church and their soul was able to live in total connection of their Dinine Self!

The woman in that period knew how to give birth in the nature, under the stars and the moon, crying out not from pain but from pleasure of an orgasm, as the most beautiful and enjoyable thing in life, is to bring a human being in the world.
So how can it be possible such a sacred action to be accompanied by pain?
The woman of that period used to love with all her existence because she didn’t know how to love differently.
There is no other way to love; either you swim in a lake filled up with the vibration of love or you live in a lie where you only try to satisfy others as much as you can, calling that “love”.
When the Sacred Woman died, another woman was born whose only interest was to satisfy, consciously or unconsciously the rules of the society, the family and the religion.


Patriarchal period

In the patriarchal period whole humanity passed from an epoch of pleasure to an epoch of horror and anguish, passed from light to darkness, to guiltiness, to punishment and false power of egocentrism.
Women lost completely their sacredeness and their value; they descended from their throne and handed entirely all their strength over to the man «protector» and of course to the, suddenly, unique «God».
Then a new type of woman appeared, whose only aim now was to satisfy her husband, her children and the society where she was living, following blindly its rules; a woman full of such a competition and jealousy that she could even make a crime in order to conquer the «man of her dreams».

The woman in the Patriarchal period is a woman with a huge strength, coming out of her sacred nature, that she doesn’t know how to canalize it in a way that honors her inner Goddess. Instead of that she uses her strength in a masculine way by trying to become a being that she is not and she has never being!

So you, valuable and unique woman, why are trying to become a man?
How many more times will you fall into this continuous trap of low selfestimation until you start appreciating and loving yourself like a truly Sacred Woman? Look at yourself in the mirror and find Her…
Guided from the words that your heart always wanted to tell you, Because all women’s hearts are united and speak the same language … the language of love!

Where are you now Sacred Woman?
So where is this woman now? The “healer” woman, the “priestess” woman, the “queen” woman and the woman of intuition and wisdom…?

She is inside of each and one of us. She has never left and she will never leave!
She is in every human being incarnated as a woman in this life. She is in our heart, in our womb, in our mind!
Look for her because the time has come to wake her up!
She is like the “Sleeping Beauty”, with the only difference that she doesn’t need any handsome prince to wake her up but the awakening of her Heart


Thank you