Agapi Apostolopoulou



She comes from Greece, even though she is a combination of Ethiopian and Cypriot culture.

At an early age she gets drawn to dance, where she finally completes her studies and graduates from the University of Dance in Greece.

She works as a dancer, teacher and choreographer, in different kinds of dances and in 2004 she decides to specify in only one dance and visits Spain in order to deepen into the Flamenco dance and feeling.

There she starts a different journey, a journey of self-knowledge and introspection, where she learns and uses a variety of therapies, that help her in her personal growth and love. For several years she follows many different disciplines in the sectors of Spirituality, Art, Therapy and Parasychology, but she mostly gets drawn to readings of the Akashic Records.

She becomes a Spiritual Guide offering Readings and seminars of Akashic Records and many other types of therapies and workshops.

She now travels all around the world serving her Spirit and supporting people in their journey of personal growth by using her own tools and forms, most channelled by her connection with her Higher Self.

She shares her wisdom in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Nepal, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Dubai and she is available to visit any other place of this world that calls her and wants to share its love¨ with her.

She is the creator of Love-me Reiki, a method of self development that combines energy healing, awakening of the sexuality, healing of inner child and liberation from the conditionings of the society. Her projects are focused on healing feminine and masculine polarities, opening the heart and embracing the matrilineal way of being.

She gives a variety of workshops blending most of the times the secrets of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality and even though she has a brief skeleton on how they have to be, she always channels the content of the workshop and flows with what the participants need in the current moment.

Some of her favorite projects are:
The menstrual cycle (only for women)
Tantrictango (a mixture of tango and tantra)
Alchemy (using fairytales as a tool of an archetypical awakening)
Meeting your inner child in a journey through the chakras (inner child healing)
Shamanic ceremonies (cacao and coffee)
Meeting God through dance (awakening the kundalini using tantra and dances)
and more.

She feels gratitude whenever she can share her skills with others and help people to reconnect with their Real Selves and find Unconditional Love!

“I love to accompany people on their journey of inner and outer transformation. I am just giving the guidance of the journey, the merit belongs to the person who finds the courage to accomplish it!”