Agapi Apostolopoulou






She comes from Greece, even though she is a combination of Ethiopian and Cypriot culture.

At an early age she gets drawn to dance, where she finally completes her studies and graduates from the University of Dance in Greece.

She works as a dancer, teacher and choreographer, in different kinds of dances and in 2004 she decides to specify in only one dance and visits Spain in order to deepen into the Flamenco dance and feeling.

There she starts a different journey, a journey of self-knowledge and introspection, where she learns and uses a variety of therapies, that help her in her personal growth and love. For several years she follows many different disciplines in the sectors of Spirituality, Art, Therapy and Psychology, but she mostly gets drawn to readings of the Akashic Records.

She becomes a Spiritual Guide offering Readings and seminars of Akashic Records and many other types of therapies and workshops.

She now travels all around the world serving her Spirit and supporting people in their journey of personal growth by using her own tools and forms, most channelled by her connection with her Higher Self.

She shares her wisdom in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Nepal, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Dubai and she is available to visit any other place of this world that calls her and wants to share its love¨ with her.

Some of her sessions are:

  • Akashic Records readings and Akashic Records therapies
  • Energetic cleansing of spaces by using the Akashic Records
  • Regressions to past lives (she does it occasionally)

Some of her seminars are:

  • Akashic Records Seminar
  • Women´s seminars
  • Chakras : ” The Golden route”
  • The Archetypes and me
  • Belly dance and Sexuality
  • Feminine and Masculine (a combination of dance and tantra)
  • Reconnect with the Nature and deepen into the Akashic Records (only for those who have done the ¨Akashic Records Seminar¨)
  • Conscious dancing
  • Alternative dance seminar
  • Odyssey, the sacred journey of consciousness
  • Alchemy
  • TantricTango
  • The journey of the butterfly

My cacao ceremonies:
Coming from a family that has mainly risen in Ethiopia I feel deep inside of me the call of the nature, the call of the “tribe”, the call of authenticity, wildness and existence.

Having inherited the gifts of my mother’s mother, a woman who most of her life dedicated herself in healing people only by accessing her inner wisdom and her love to the Earth, I feel honored that I can share this inheritance with the rest of the people.

My ceremonies are always different, like the nature, like the earth, like the women’s cycle.

They depend on the group, on the intention and on what the Cacao guides me.

I am just a servant of the plants, my mission is to channel their wisdom into your Hearts.


She loves investigating her inner world and never stops to learn from her inner journeys, her Spiritual Guides and the People around her.

She feels gratitude whenever she can share her skills with others and help people to reconnect with their Real Selves and find Unconditional Love!