Soul readings or Akashic Records


In a session of Akashic Records you share with me what is happening in your life and especially whatever is not flowing the way you want and the way it would make you happy.


Then by using a specific technique I connect with your Real Wise Essence and I channel the answers that would help you make your life a lot easier, happier and more succesful.


Some of the answers are specific steps that you need to take in order to change your life in the fastest, easiest and more pleasant way.



Some of the benefits of the sessions are:

-Differentiate what your Ego-personality wants and what your Higher Self wants

-Find solutions in most of your problems and also the main reason where they come from

-Receive a specific guidance and steps that can help you change anything that is not good for you

-Understande why things are happening the way they do, by deepening in the childhood traumas or past lives’s happenings


The session is not a way to know the future (at least I am not focusing on that) but to know the best possible actions and steps you need to take now in order to create a better future.


If you want more information about my sessions of Akashic Records press here