There are many different ways to live our life depending on our priority. Some people’s priority is the fulfillment of the rules of the society, some others try to fulfill the dreams of their family, some others follow the wave of the matrix and others just survive without any kind of fulfillment!

I invite to my seminars all the people that are interested in raising their quality of life. The ones who look forward to learning who they really are and not who their family, society, religion told them that have to be and the ones who seek unconditional love and the inner strength in order to manifest a better reality.

My courses usually consist of different subjects even though the goal is always the same: open the heart and find unconditional love. The exercises i use depend on the subject of the specific workshop, even though many times they get modified according to the energy of the group and what the group needs in the specific moment. I do not teach from my mind I just serve and let myself guided by the love and wisdom of my Higher Self!